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ADCP Charge Vessel

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Description: 1. Material of hull: welded by 5083 marine aluminium plate with 4 mm, and welded by 3 mm thick marine aluminium plate with middle cabin reinforcement bar;
2. The whole boat of the speedboat adopts the disassembly hull structure, which is conv
Detailed description:

Technical parameters:

1. Material of hull: welded by 5083 marine aluminium sheet with 4 mm, and reinforced rib of middle cabin with 3 mm.

Thick marine aluminium plate welded;

2. The whole ship of the speedboat adopts the disassembly hull structure, which is convenient for handling and transportation, and its total weight is about 180 kg.

3. The speedboat is divided into three compartments: front compartment, middle compartment and stern compartment. The front compartment is buoyancy compartment, which enhances the safety of the speedboat. The middle compartment mainly carries people and installs ADCP. The stern compartment carries gasoline propeller trailer, and also has a safe buoyancy compartment.

4. Power of the speedboat: 15 horsepower oar-hanging machines are used in Yamaha, Japan. The speedboat can ride three people, and the maximum speed is 40 km/h under the condition of weighing instruments.

5. The speedboat can be carried: ADCP, bathymeter, multi-beam and on-line multi-parameter measuring equipment for measuring underwater topography and water quality.

6. Nuclear crew of speedboat: 3 staff members, 1 pilot and 2 surveying staff;

7. Accompanied with the boat: 6 sets of waterproof life jacket, 1 pair of wooden oars, 1 set of toolbox, 1 set of marine installation instructions and 2 safety wooden benches;

8. Geometric dimensions of speedboats:

Head (floating cabin): 85 cm long, 118 cm wide and 55 cm high; Medium cabin: 163 cm long, 118 cm wide and 43 cm high;

The stern (with propeller trailer and floating cabin) is 153 cm long, 118 cm wide and 50 cm high.

It can be placed in the trunk of the pickup truck for easy and flexible handling.


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